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Rich and aromatic.

This cream is a delight to use. the aroma is divine; Neroli is such a beautiful essential oil which is so lovely for balancing the skin. The cream is rich, but melts into the skin and it is such a bonus that it's a multi use product. Lovely to use on the hands, elbows and arms too. It doesn't leave a greasy residue and i appreciate that the packing can be fully recycled too.


Couple of drops goes a long way!

So easy to use/apply. Sometimes I use it in its own. Sometimes I use it with a cream or a foundation when skin is particularly dry.


A nourishing bottle of goodness

I use this little bottle of goodness, as a night time oil. My skin is particularly sensitive and it's been lovely to watch my skin improve, through the therapeutic benefits of this oil. I suffer with late onset acne and this oil has definitely helped it to clear and it doesn't clog the skin either. A little goes a long way; everyone should add an oil to their skin care regime!


perfect for dry skin

In a small pot I mix approx 4 drops of oil with my regular cream. As I have a combination skin I use cotton bud to put a small amount of cream to the areas required. Since using this product I have found my skin to be much healthier looking and softer in appearance and an improvement in the small red veins I had are less prominent now. I would definately recommend this product especially if you have dry skin.


Haven’t looked back

After using the same moisturiser for many years I decided to give this a go, and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve even recommended to others who equally love it too!


A beautiful and natural face oil

I am now on my second bottle of this oil and I can genuinely say that it far surpasses any other oils or creams I have ever used and in over 40 years, I have used a lot!

I started using oils on my face instead of creams and moisturisers about 7 years ago, I have normal/dry skin and began worrying that having dry skin would give me premature wrinkles hence the swap to oils, but over the last 7 years, there's been a lot of trial and error and a lot of mistakes, but mostly by using oils, it left my skin too slippery for make up.

This doesn't! Somehow (and I don't know how) this oil sinks in so easily, as if taking just the right amount my face needs. It's beautiful and I love it and my skin looks so much better.

I bought this for my step mum too who is all about reducing wrinkles and she puts a few drops in her moisturiser every evening and she said that at the beginning, it didn't have the 'filling in of wrinkles' effect that synthetic creams offer, but after using it for about 3-4 weeks, she noticed her skin was much healthier and brighter and more 'even' and she felt that as her skin was becoming more hydrated, quite a lot of her wrinkles seemed to just be melting away and not just hiding (her words not mine!).

Highly recommend, even if you just add it to your own cream, it makes such a huge difference.

Thank you Caroline! x