What is an Exfoliator?

So what is an exfoliator and why do we need to do it I here you ask. Well let me tell you.

Exfoliation is simply the process of removing the Dead Skin Cells from the surface of the skin. Now seen as our skin covers most of our body it stands to reason that you can exfoliate most of it. I mean who doesn’t love a good foot scrub eh?

Buy WHY do it?

The benefits are many, from smoothing and toning to brightening and rejunvenating, with improved circulation to the area you will speed up the natural process of cell renewal and as we get older this can be a great thing to do, with our skin cells regeneration rate slowly down massively as we age. This process in our 20’s can take around 14-21 days, but in our 40’s slows to 45-90 days, and in our 50’s more likely to be 60 days plus!

So if you are feeling like your skin is looking lifeless and dull this process can be a simple thing to add to your routine once a week to keep you looking youthful.

Exfoliating can help boost the natural production of Collagen and Elastin with give our skin its plumpness and youthful spring.

It also helps your products penetrate your skin better, so if you are putting lots of loveliness on your skin such as Vitamin E, or luxury oils and butters (which you will be if you are using any of our products!) these will go to a deeper level, aiding with the look of those fine lines and wrinkles.

So how often should you exfoliate?

You need to be careful with young skin in particular and this is not a practice for daily, unless using something gentle like our Cleansing Balm, which uses the power of Papaya Seed Oil to exfoliate in a very gentle natural way with the enzymes from the Papain doing the job for you.

If however you are wanting something a little stronger you can either use our Cleansing Cloths, they are double sided with a muslin side which is great for newbie exfoliators, or why not add our Exfoliating Granules to your Cleansing Balm with the choice of gentle Oat or for more hard core exfoliators choose the Bamboo option. For any of these options I would recommend using once a week.

So tell me do you exfoliate?